That’s all it took to solve a teacher puzzle that’s been plaguing me for about 6 weeks.

I’ve been taken with the Hagallah shimmy I learned from Rachel Brice and have seen it popping up in my daily improv and my choreographed combos for a while now.  It is a tiny part (8 counts) of a piece I’ve got two different groups of dancers working on getting performance ready.  And it’s been a universal struggle for my students to really “get”.  A struggle enough that I pulled it from one group’s piece because we’d run out of time to get it right before the piece went up on stage (this weekend).

And then, this morning, I experimented with the 50-minute Phone Rule.  In the quiet of the unplugged morning I gave myself 5 minutes to just think.  My mind wandered from the pile of old clothes taking up space in the corner of my bedroom to the zill practice I needed to do today to the one spot in the composition I’m drilling that gives me pause even after 8 weeks to the written notation of the notes I need to play…when it hit me – I needed to give my students the e!

As in 1e&a2e&a…

The e was what I hadn’t fully communicated about the timing of the Hagallah shimmy!

I brought the e to class tonight and the ladies almost brought me to tears.  THEY GOT IT.  And, honestly I TAUGHT IT.

I taught it from my own brain, not from what I’ve heard others say to me.  I taught it from a place outside of what I needed to learn it for myself.  I Taught – with a capital T.

Now, I need to unplug for the last 50 minutes of my day and see what magic the quiet brings tonight. Austin Blythe Womens Jersey