JtE1 - Malik and SahraI’m in Portland this week, back at Studio Datura, taking Journey through Egypt 1 & 2.  It feels like this workshop opportunity came at the right time.  I’m soaking it all up and working on integrating it, at the same time as I’m working on letting go in my dancing and trusting what my body wants to do.  The week off from the normal hustle of home is giving me the gift of many days in a row where dance gets to be my focus – a luxury!

I’m feeling a connection to the roots of this dance in a way I haven’t before, and that’s making me want to learn ALL THE THINGS.  Folkloric dances didn’t really hold much appeal for me in the past, so it feels like I’ve just been given a present that will take ages to fully unwrap.  I love presents!  The benefit of having these doors opened when I have a full week available to explore is significant.  Videos, books, websites, other dancers – so much to play with!  It will be interesting to see what effect this new knowledge will have on my daily improv.  Only time will tell. Mike Webster Womens Jersey