I grew up reading constantly.  I had more books than toys.  I was often reading 3 books at the same time.  I consumed mysteries, science fiction, fantasies, and “regular” fiction like it was fuel.  Somewhere along the way to adulthood books took a back seat to all the other things pulling on my time and, while I’d find my way into reading a book here or there, I lost the art of regular consumption of reading materials.

When I started working through the 8 Elements program books came back to me.   This time in the form of non-fiction, but the latent reading habit was reborn!  3 phases of training, each with a reading list, got me back into the habit of being a regular reader.  The return has been wonderful!  One book, though, has become an almost daily companion over the last few years, and this book has changed my life.

The Little Book Of Talent, by Daniel Coyle, lives at the studio in 2014-03-29 Cultivation Day 1 cropits paper form.  I share pieces of it at the end (and sometimes the beginning or middle) of my technique-focused bellydance classes.  It lives in its electronic form on my computer so I can reference it when I get stuck or frustrated with my dance practice or progress.  Its pages have sent me off to read other books, digging deeper into the science and magic of how our brains work and how habits are formed and how to make little changes to our everyday routines – all with the intent of growing to be the best human I can be.

I’ll be sharing thoughts on each of the tips in a series of blog posts.  I hope you get your own copy of the book and read it (you can get through the first read in an afternoon) so we can compare notes here.  Maybe the book will change your life, too! Kenyan Drake Womens Jersey