Austin Kleon says to share something of your work daily, and my last post was 4 months ago.  Whoops.  Why the gap?  Time and Fear.


April, May, June, and July were spent devoted to prepping for and living through Culmination, phase 3 of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program.  The reading, practice, costuming, and choreography development ate up my “free” time for sure.  More than the hours, though, the consumption was related to Fear.


Would I be ready?  Did I know enough?  Had I really earned my spot?  Would I have the nerve to get up on stage?  Would this be the level where I flamed out?  If you’ve never really worried about something that mattered to you, you may not be familiar with how all-consuming that special kind of fear can be.

But you know what?  It all paid off.  I got to Portland feeling prepped and ready, and I made it through the intense week.  Was it hard?  Yes.  Emotional?  Yes.  100% worth it? YES.

I intend to share more consistently moving forward, but for now, here’s the solo I brought with me, developed in those few intense pre-Culmination months:

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