2017-01-15 19.47.13I’ve been back on home turf for a few days now and am starting to fully process my last Portland experience.  Is it the Portlandia effect (note: I’ve never seen the show) or a natural side effect of digging in to continuing education that leaves me so raw and changed upon return?  I don’t know that there’s a way to really land on an answer.  What I do know is that I felt compelled to sit down with pen and paper and document how I was feeling after the trip.  Here are the dance-related fit-to-print nuggets:

  • Studying with Rachel Brice is good, even when it’s short
  • I want to develop more grit when traveling and everyday
  • I know more about dance and performing than I give myself credit for
  • Tribal fusion has strong folkloric ties
  • I am an extrovert and don’t benefit from long solo stretches
  • I default to giving/helping and like that about myself
  • I am doing more work on self acceptance with my tattoo, ready or not.
  • I want to accumulate the resources for more travel
  • I want to won my success with the 100Days Improv Challenge and make it grow
  • Dance is incredibly important to me
  • I want to really work on creating a bellydance rat park
  • I want to build my physical strength
  • I want to deepen my dance friendships, even from afar
  • It was more challenging to maintain my TRUST focus away from home/routines/controlled environments

2017-01-14 10.06.11In addition to learning/clarifying the above points (and the ones that are just for my eyes), I learned SO MUCH about Egypt and the origins of this dance form.  I am hungry to learn more and to share what I’ve learned so far, and that feels like the perfect place to be after investing the time, energy, and dollars into training.  I highly recommend Journey Through Egypt, and would love to talk with you after you go.  Maybe you’ll be changed, too. Deion Sanders Womens Jersey