I returned from Culmination on 7/19/15 buzzing with the energy created by spending 10 days surrounded by other dancers just as focused as myself.  The following day, 7/20/15, was my 44th birthday and, more importantly this year, the start of two practice initiatives: prepping for my Culmination finals and my intention to dance my way through (daily, on video) this year.

I enjoyed the longest run of consecutive days of personal practice (outside of my 100Days Improv Challenge™ work) to date, not missing a single day from 7/20 – 8/25/15.

43 days straight.

I’m tempering my disappointment with myself by referring back to the James Clear article, “How to Build a New Habit” and realizing that, while I did have a couple of misses this week I managed to get back on the horse today.  Did I lose some momentum with the skill I’m working on developing?  Yes.  Do I know I have the drive, determination, and ability to regain my progress and move forward through daily practice?  YES.

And through it all, I didn’t miss a single day of improv.  Today marks day 41 of my current 100Days Improv Challenge™, and my 341st video recording. Kentrell Brice Jersey